Calgary Family Photographer – Jennifer’s Grad

I am so excited that I finally get to share these images of the gorgeous Jennifer, now that grad has passed! Jennifer’s mom reached out to me in order to take these grad portraits. We met out at a mutual friend’s acreage in Vulcan to use the same truck I used a couple months ago to do portraits of my own daughter. We set out on a beautiful, sunny Sunday evening, for Vulcan in order to get this Calgary Family Photographer session taken right at the golden hour.

I have to give a special shout out to Roland, who kindly moved the truck to the middle of his field (again!) to let us get these portraits.

I really love when grads approach me with their ideas for their own portraits. Each grad is so unique, and each one has their own way of showing their personality. Sometimes, photography can be repetitive, but it never is with grads – because they always bring their own wonderful ideas to their sessions. Getting to work with grads on capturing this special time truly is an honour, and working with Jennifer was no different!

Calgary Family Photographer Calgary Family Photographer Calgary Family Photographer Calgary Family Photographer Calgary Family Photographer Calgary Family Photographer

Karyn Lee, Calgary Calgary Family Photographer, is different from the traditional cap and gown portrait photographers. While those are absolutely important, capturing the grad as they were, with their personality, is important too. This type of session often gets overlooked.

A grad portrait session that allows the grad to show off their dress or tux, along with any other important mementos or hobbies, can be a keepsake that your grad will cherish for the rest of their lives. Book your grad portrait session with Karyn Lee Portrait today, and talk to us about what you envision for your grad photography session. We LOVE when grads bring their friends, and would be happy to do a combined session for you and your bestie!


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  • Kim Kravitz

    She is absolutely gorgeous!! Nice work Karyn! 😀

  • Melissa DeVoe

    Oh my gosh, she is beautiful!!! Love that gorgeous dress!

  • Chelsie Cannon

    Wow!! She’s gorgeous and so are the photos! Beautiful job!

  • Monica

    Beautiful images!

  • BObbiJo

    so much fun! I wish more girls in Ontario wanted grad portraits as they are the best to do! Love the contradiction of the dress and the truck

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