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I know some pretty awesome people, and these awesome people have some pretty awesome pets! My good friend Cassandra at Jungle Out There Pet Services is one of those people with some really cool pets! Being a Calgary Pet Photographer is a great way to meet more kindred spirits! (I have to admit, I am a personal fan of Guinea Pigs!)

When Cassandra and I started hanging out, we got a crazy idea that it would hilarious to do formal portraits of Chickens, and it sort of became a thing! I brought my mobile studio equipment to Cassandra’s house, along with a few seamless paper backdrops, and we brought her chickens into her living room! It was kind of a disaster, but also really fun! There were feathers everywhere! We managed not to break any eggs though, so I consider it a great success!

If you’re interested in learning more about Cassandra’s Chickens, you can check out the Cluckingham Palace website! If you’re interested in hiring this Calgary Pet Photographer, contact me here!

Calgary Pet Photographer Calgary Pet Photographer Calgary Pet Photographer Calgary Pet Photographer

People don’t often think of booking portrait sessions for their pets, or even including them in their family portrait sessions. This seems a little strange to me – our pets are such a huge part of our families. It’s important to bring them to portrait sessions, and also, to have a few portraits of them snapped as well.

I remember going back and trying to put something together as a sort of memorial for my cat when she passed away in March. And even though I am a photographer, I realized that I had no really great pictures of my cat. Sure, I had a few snaps on my iPhone, but it wasn’t really the same thing. I should have taken the time to take some really great portraits of her.

Don’t forget to include your pets in your next family portrait session. They spend so little time with us, and you’re going to want to remember them!

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