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Oh the cinemagraph! Cinemagraphs are the best way to engage with your clients on social media now. Popular on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a cinemagraph is basically a picture with one small portion that moves. These attention grabbing images increase engagement with your social media posts up to 400% – isn’t that amazing? Looking for locally-made Calgary Cinemagraphs? We can make one (or several!) for you!

If you’re hiring a photographer for your social media posts, be sure to hire a photographer that can provide you with cinemagraphs for use on Social Media.

What is a Cinemagraph?

In a nutshell, a cinemagraph is an animated GIF that you can upload to social media. These files are small, and therefore great for use on mobile devices as well.

Digging in a little deeper, a Cinemgraph is made using a short, 2-5 second loop video. However, a still frame from the video is placed over top of the video, and masked off to reveal a small portion of motion underneath. These videos are then converted to a few varieties of formats, as each social media platform has different standards.

Cinemagraphs produced at Karyn Lee Portrait are optimized for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Cinemagraphs are hosted on our own hosting service, and will remain there for 3 years Рmeaning all you need to do is copy the link and upload!

Calgary Cinemagraphs

Adding a cinemagraph to your session is a piece of cake – simply express your interest in adding one on to your session at the time of your booking. Setting up video equipment for a cinemgraph takes only a few minutes, and will add a total of about 10 minutes to your session time. Looking to learn more about product and corporate photography? Check out our corporate services.

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    I just discovered making cinema graphs! very cool :0)

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