Okotoks Wedding Photography – Crystal Ridge Golf Club

I love going back through last summers weddings before I being shooting weddings for the current season. Okotoks wedding photography is always awesome at the Crystal Ridge Golf Course. On this particular hot July day, just as the ceremony ended, some dark moody clouds started rolling in. Luckily for us, the rain held off until just as we were finishing the formal portraits! Lucky us!

Weddings are such a special day to be a part of РI always love the excitement and emotion that go along with a wedding day. Covering wedding days are delightful Рfor a large part of the day, I get to act as a fly on the wall. All the love and preparation that go into making a wedding special is astounding, and it always has me thinking back to my own wedding, 8 years ago.

Okotoks Wedding Photography

Okotoks Wedding Photographer

Okotoks Wedding PhotographerOkotoks Wedding Photographer

Okotoks Wedding Photographer

Okotoks Wedding Photographer

Okotoks Wedding Photographer

Okotoks Wedding Photographer

I always get asked what my favourite part of photographing a wedding is. It’s so hard to choose, but I have to say, I love the detail shots! I love getting those close-ups of flowers, rings and lace on dresses. I love getting the hair, the makeup and the candid moments. It’s those tiny little details that really give the whole wedding a certain feeling. Soft pastels make it feel soft and quite. Bright colours give it vibrance and energy.

But most of all, I always like looking for the little children at a wedding – all dressed up in their tiny dresses and little suits – they are just adorable!

Karyn Lee, CPA
Craftsman of Photographic Arts Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer, PPOC
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509 1st Street SW, High River, AB

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